Memory Chips Sometimes Develop Alzheimers

by Sarah G on August 5, 2010

in Advice,Travel Hacks

If you’re a digital camera-user, you probably take a fair amount of pictures, and then enjoy uploading them to your computer and sharing them with your friends (or at least I do.)

ferry, miyajima, boat, japan

My brother, camera in hand

So you can imagine my grief when I found out from one the Best Buy Geeks that my memory chip had “died.”

Apparently, this happens sometimes — for no good reason. The Geek said it could be that my memory chip (stocked with 200 photos from Kyoto) was just a little bit old. But it really wasn’t that old…

Since there’s nothing I can do about my beloved lost photos, all I can do is provide some advice on how to not let this happen to you:

  1. If you’re going on an epic trip, test out your current memory chips beforehand: Snap some photos, then try to upload them to your computer. (The first sign that my memory chip was failing was that I wasn’t able to upload from it.) If this works just fine, then your memory chips are probably ok.
  2. Buy an extra memory chip or two, just in case.
  3. If you’re bringing a laptop with you: upload often.
  4. If you’re not: help me bring back the disposable camera trend! Seriously, I’ve begun using disposable cameras lately and love it. I like that you can’t see what you’ve taken a picture of until you get it developed. And, the photos have a cool effect to them, like they’re vintage.

I think my memory chip dying was a freak accident, but still — better safe than sorry!

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