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Houses We Love

From the category archives:

Houses We Love

Maybe it’s the gorgeous weather outside or just a rediscovered love for the outdoors, but lately I’m obsessed with using natural materials in interior spaces. And so, it seems, is everyone else! Using wood in design is not exactly a new idea. Think traditional Swedish cottages, Atlantic beach houses, and pretty much the entire 1970s. […]


Part of the fun of Inhabit — what gets us up every morning and keeps us on the hunt for great properties — is showing our guests new places they might have never thought of, and bringing little-known awesomeness to their attention. Then this week we added…PARIS! Hm. Paris isn’t exactly an out-of-the-way little burg. […]


When I travel, it’s the sense of unfamiliarity and newness that drives me. Being able to say, “I’ve never seen that before” is why I travel. Travel is letting yourself be a stranger in a strange land, navigating roads and customs, and experiencing a million tiny things for the first time. And then, there’s that […]


Welcome to Friday! Well, I must say the internet was very amusing this week. Check out what we came across when we weren’t working were browsing the internet for work-related things. Local (and not-so-local) Events The annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival commences today, and continues through Sunday in Golden Gate Park, SF. You’ve probably surmised […]

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