Camping Gets a Makeover

by Robin on May 26, 2011

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Usually I’m not a big fan of synthesized words. Dramedy, edutainment, rockumentary…but sometimes there’s just no other way to describe something. Take “glamping”, for instance. Wait, what? Glamping, you guys. Glamorous camping.

When you think about camping, you think nylon tents and waking up with gravel in the small of your back. There’s definitely a time and place for truly roughing it, but if you’re like us, you want a little swank with your s’mores.

Enter glamping. Glamping Hub is the brainchild of David Troya and Ruben Martinez, who travel the world finding ridiculously lush places to stay — that just happen to be outside. It’s definitely a niche, but it’s such an incredibly cool one that I can’t stop scanning the pages and imagining my next vacation.

There are gorgeous glamping spots in the US, Canada, Africa, Europe, Australia, and Asia. So whether your taste runs to a Kenyan wildlife reserve or a particularly plush English yurt, you’re covered. Suddenly I’m liking the word “glamping” a lot.

It’s a really cool way to get back to nature without, you know, getting a rash anywhere unseemly. It also just looks plain amazing. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go drool over tents.

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  • Jane

    Glamping … interesting.  I want to know the bathroom situation before I get too excited! 

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh, the treehouse! A childhood dream all grown up! I love it.