Weekly Round-up: Animation Fest, Food & Wine Fare, and iPhone Auto Correct

by Sarah G on November 12, 2010

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Happy Friday! Has everyone adjusted to Daylight Saving yet? Yeah… didn’t think so. Is everyone ready for the coming holiday season? Yeah… didn’t think so either. Well, on a completely unrelated note, enjoy this week’s Weekly Round-up!

international animation festival

Some of the animation you might see at the SF Animation Festival. (Shot from 'Johnny Ray and Skye: Channel Drift')

Local Events

  • Here’s a really awesome sounding event– The 5th Annual SF Int’l Animation Festival (Nov. 11-14). This unique shindig will feature FX-based films, anime, family-friendly cartoons, LIVE animation and some eclectic programs of shorts from around the world.
  • Also, the Half Moon Bay Food & Wine Fare is happening on Saturday (Nov. 13) from noon til 4PM. There will be over 20 Santa Cruz Mountain Wineries pouring, as well as delicious food from local restaurants. If you’ve never tasted Santa Cruz wines before, now’s the time to start!

Interesting Internet Findings

  • This is cool: The beloved California Academy of Sciences in SF just came out with an iPhone app called The Golden Gate Park Field Guide, which includes 170 of the park’s plant and animal species and a map which will be interactive and include attractions, tour routes and bathrooms. Download it while it’s free! (Only a couple more days.)
  • There’s nothing better than a really good guide to a city, written by a local. This post written by a New Orleans native (on the blog, Maiden Voyage) highlights lots of delicious-sounding restaurants, historical sites and nightlife spots. Now I want to go there more than ever!
  • Probably something most of us can relate to: This website, Damn You Auto Correct!, showcases all those hilarious instances when you meant to type one thing in a text or email, but Auto Correct fills in what it thinks you meant to say.

And on that note, have a Swedish weakening everyone!

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