San Francisco Airplane Maps

by Rebecca on November 8, 2010

in San Francisco

Flying into San Francisco–like flying into New York–is a great way to familiarize yourself with the area. The geography of the Bay Area can be confusing, so seeing it from the air is a huge help.

Here are some shots we’ve taken flying into and out of SFO.

san francisco city map photo

Here’s a little help, if you’re having trouble getting oriented:

san francisco aeriel photo

Looking out east across San Francisco. "Behind" us is the ocean.

Of course, we can’t forget San Francisco’s most famous bridge:

san francisco golden gate photo map

The Golden Gate bridge connects San Francisco with Marin and Sonoma. In the distance you can see the East Bay.

They may not help you find the nearest Starbucks (or the directions to your favorite vacation rental), but we found these photos pretty amazing. How cool is it that we can literally be suspended mid-air, taking photos of our beloved city with our PHONE, all without barely moving a muscle?

P.S. Thank you to @myamartino for flying so much and always grabbing a window seat!

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  • GlobalButterfly

    Very cool photos!

    • Inhabit Vacations

      Thanks! We have tons more (including one of the Giants winning the World Series)…there could be a follow-up post soon!