Something to Stand For: In Line

by Rebecca on November 1, 2010

in Living Like a Local,San Francisco

Everything you need to know about coffee culture in San Francisco, you can learn from this video:

Seriously, watch it. It is the most hilarious Internet video I’ve seen in a long time (and I watch a LOT of Internet videos).

If you’d like to check out the venues mentioned, where coffee “costs more than goddamn crack,” here is a little guide:

Blue Bottle

  • Where to find: Hayes Valley (kiosk) or the Ferry Building
  • What to try: Anything. The coffee and lattes are superb. Interestingly, they don’t serve iced coffee black because it’s so strong–you have to get it with milk.
  • What we think: Solid choice.

Ritual Roasters

  • Where to find: Valencia Street (the Mission)
  • What to try: The incomprehensible menu will throw you for a loop, so just ask for a latte or something.
  • What we think: Meh. It’s good, but not great. The poorly organized menu annoys us, and the hipster quotient is off the charts. Plus, the coffee will make you feel like you’re on crack.

Philz Coffee (Top Pick!)

  • Where to find: Deep in the Mission or the Castro
  • What to try: Ask for some mint in your coffee, and they’ll garnish it with a mint leaf. It’s somehow a delicious combo. If you can, try the iced mint mojito. It’ll change your life.
  • What we think: Awesome x 1000. Totally unpretentious, super delicious coffee, and a laid-back atmosphere.

Four Barrel

  • Where to find: Valencia Street (the Mission)
  • What to try: Keeping your cool.
  • What we think: We’ve been to Four Barrel, but didn’t actually try the coffee, as the epic hipness of the place distracted us from the task at hand. Every aspect of the coffee shop is like experiencing the future of everything so hip it doesn’t even exist. Whatever that means. A visit to Four Barrel is total sensory overload. And I guess they serve coffee, too.

Visitors to San Francisco who want easy access to these ultra-hip coffee joints can get the hookup at Inhabit Vacations. We’ve got some awesome vacation rentals in the Mission. Our Haight Ashbury vacation rentals put you close to Hayes Valley, which is a lovely place to explore, coffee in hand or not.

Whatever you end up doing, never forget the lessons learned during the legendary battle: “The Coffee Wars defined what we were: Egocentric style whores, more concerned with what’s inside our cup than with the world around us.” For shame!

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  • Planetbarbados

    The video is hilarious!

    This blog post … darn, it’s good. You got style, Rebecca!