The Case for the Retreat

by Rebecca on August 1, 2010

in Inspiration,Wine Country (SF)

When you go on vacation, do you like to hole up in paradise, or spend your time exploring every last corner of a new city?

sonoma wine country vacation rental patio

I’m always torn. I want to be the sort of person who looks at natural beauty and thinks deep, introspective thoughts. But when it comes down to it, I always just end up on the Internet. Paradise is pretty, but I’m not terribly practiced at entertaining myself.

sonoma wine country vineyard view

Then I visit a setting like this, and start thinking I need to practice that self-entertainment thing.

sonoma vacation rental outdoor shower

At least at this house, bathing is certainly covered…

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  • Jane

    Haha, I'm just like you … ! Give me a city any day. And yet … I look at your beautiful photos and I long to be plunked down in that chair overlooking the vineyards … or in the outdoor shower (as long as it's got warm water!). I guess life is ultimately about finding balance — balance between family and work, balance between rest and go-go, and balance between city and nature.

    Great blog! Love your winery off the beaten path … well done! I want to go there! Thanks.

    • Rebecca

      It's intoxicating, but I agree finding the balance is most important. You
      see a gorgeous destination and start thinking “I could be the kind of person
      who'd live there…” It's tempting!