Meet You Next Year on the Vineyard

by Rebecca on September 27, 2010

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With fall fast approaching, it can’t hurt to revisit those glorious summer getaways, can it? I recently traveled to Martha’s Vineyard for a family get-together, something that has become a tradition in recent years.

“Tradition” may not be the best word – we’re a slightly unconventional bunch – but we stick together. Each year, my stepdad, my sister, and I rent a house in Martha’s Vineyard (my stepdad and mom split). We live far from each other, so it’s a special time to be together. Others always join us, and the group varies each each year. Sometimes friends come along, sometimes it’s other relatives. Sometimes it’s friends of relatives. We rent a different house each time so we can experience a different part of the island, but always we ensure there are plenty of bedrooms and plenty of space to hang out.

We all love our work, so a crucial requirement is Internet access. You do not want to meet my family after we've been denied the Internet.

That’s what I love about renting a house rather than staying in a hotel – you can just rent a space and people simply materialize. There’s no uptight counting of rooms or strict coordination of schedules. Instead, you show up and there’s a house full of people you don’t see nearly often enough. Everyone gets to relax, explore the area, and share their vacations with each other.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt when the house is in a setting as beautiful as Martha’s Vineyard. Even the Obamas vacation there. I wonder what vacation house they rented…

Full disclosure: This is not actually the Obamas

Does your family have annual vacation traditions? If you could rent a big house anywhere and invite your friends and family, where would it be?

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  • GlobalButterfly

    I love renting houses or apartments! You feel like you're REALLY living in the city then!

    • Rebecca

      It's true – renting a place makes you feel like a real local. Thanks for