What’s Your Style: Vintage or Modern?

by Rebecca on October 6, 2010

in Inhabitant Travel,Martha's Vineyard

It never ceases to amaze me the extent to which people express themselves through their homes. Rationally, I get it – a home is just four walls, and within those walls, you can do anything (even blow out the walls). But I still find myself surprised at the variation from home to home.

Take my recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard, for example.

Here’s the vacation rental house where we stayed:


Sweet, colonial-style house. And the inside was just what you’d expect:


Sweet, colonial charm.

During our trip, we visited some friends’ home, which from the outside has a similar colonial look:

marthas-vineyard-havenBut it was a whole different story when we set foot inside:


Hello, modern age!

What a difference a few centuries make, right?

Both houses were incredible, but in very, very different ways. Here are a few more shots of our vintage home:




And the modern home, which was carefully designed by a talented artist (if that wasn’t obvious!):




Photos cannot capture this amazing bathroom in all its sparkling glory.

I often wonder the extent to which an experience is shaped by the home in which it happens. Would our vacation have been different if we’d stayed in the modern home? Having reliable A/C and working electronics would have been very nice, but we would have lost the comforting creek of the wooden staircase and the coziness of feeling like you’re in someone’s grandma’s house.

Perhaps it just comes down to what expresses your personality better. What do you think? Which suits you more: vintage or modern?

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