Giving while getting away

by Robin on May 16, 2011

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One of the central ideas at Inhabit is the concept of learning to travel in a way that reflects who you are. We are focused on aesthetics, but there’s more to us than that — and more to you. You love great design, and you’re also passionate about animal welfare; you name grape varietals like most people name television characters, and the urgent need for medical care in developing countries breaks your heart. You love staying in luxurious digs, but it means the most to you that everyone have a roof over their heads.

So what do vacation rentals have to do with the ASPCA, Doctors Without Borders, and Habitat for Humanity?

There’s this amazing organization called Geronimo that auctions off time at awesome vacation rentals all over the world, and donates at least 50% of the proceeds to hundreds of non-profit organizations. Property owners donate time, you go on vacation, and the charity that means the most to you gets much-needed funds. You can either search by travel location, or by charity.

For vacation rental owners, it’s a great way to do something good for the world while doing what you do best. You donate time and pick the charity, and your guests get a great trip and get to do good while they’re at it.

We’re really loving Geronimo right now; check them out and take a trip you can feel especially good about.


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