Moral of the Story: You Can’t Escape Reality, But You Can Escape

by Sarah G on September 3, 2010

in Inspiration,Cubicle Escapes,Weekly Photos and Links

Welcome to Friday, September 3rd — the Friday before Labor Day weekend. I bet you’re just sitting at work, watching the hours go by until it’s an acceptable time to cut out early and let the labor-less madness begin! We completely understand. So since you’re not doing much work anyways, check out some of the interesting findings we came across on the WWW this week:


The SlipQuilt, getting people out of awkward situations since... never.

Hence, moral of the story: sometimes sucky stuff happens, but you can’t escape it with an an inflatable slide. What you can do though, is move past it and have some fun! Check out something new, or have yourself a little weekend getaway. There are always plenty of people helping us find the fun on this invention that actually exists: the internet.

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