Weekly Round-up: Pirate Bike Rides, Cocktails & Iraqi Vacation Rentals

by Sarah G on September 17, 2010

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Reflecting on last week’s Moral of the Story post, I realized last weekend was not an anomaly; there are always tons of cool events going on around the SF Bay Area! So I’ve decided I’m going to include interesting local events in each Friday post. Here we go:

San Jose Bike Ride at San Jose's SubZERO Festival in June

Local Events

  • Tonight at 7PM: On the third Friday of each month, San Jose Bike Party hosts an epic nighttime bike ride around the Bay. Tonight, the theme is “Ride Like a Pirate.” You’ll need a treasure map to find your way (no joke!), so make sure to contact one of the Pirate Volunteers first.
  • Next week (Sept. 21-27): Soak up so local flavor in the shape of… cocktails, at San Francisco’s first-ever Cocktail Week. Events such as Farmer’s Market Happy Hour and The Great Evolution of Vodka will be hosted all around the city, all day long. Cheers!

Interesting Internet Findings

  • The up-coming film about the creation of Facebook, “The Social Network,” is getting some surprisingly good reviews. For instance, the MovieFone blog says it has a “hilariously addictive script like a wild bull at a rodeo.” ‘Nuff said; I’m in!
  • Also, Inhabit uncovered some vacation rental stats that we consider pretty interesting, such as: Iraqis are hot for vacation rentals. And, Oregon performs the most searches for vacation rentals in the US. More stats here.
  • Now, if you’re into modern architecture, you must check out the Architecturally Significant Modern Homes Facebook fan page. They haven’t updated it in a while, but man, it is chock-full of drool-worthy photos of gorgeous modern homes. I could spend the whole day browsing through them…

Over and out. Have a fabulous weekend, fellow Inhabitants!

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