Weekly Round-Up: Tourist Stalking, Drinking Away Your Troubles, and Some Quick Therapy

by Rebecca on November 19, 2010

in Weekly Photos and Links

The final weekend before the holiday season officially starts is upon us, and we’ve got some nice escapist diversions lined up for you.

This weekend is the Vinters Market at Fort Mason. Tastings are included in the ticket price of $40/$50 (at the door). Time to stock up for your holiday parties!

If you really want to get into the vineyard lifestyle and happen to have a few million lying around, we urge you to consider this Napa Vineyard dream house. We also urge you to invite us over.

In other news, an intrepid Internet nerd has done something incredible: using Flickr geotagging, he has mapped out the movements of locals vs tourists in several major cities around the world.

San Francisco Bay Area. Locals are blue, tourists are red. Looks about right to us!

Jauntsetter has given a leg up to tourists in the Bay Area with their Berkeley travel guide.  We’re always surprised more tourists don’t venture to the East Bay city–it’s adorable, warm, and accessible.

But how do you plan to get here? Little known fact: you can fly business class using airline miles, even if you’re not a frequent flier. You have to be a bit obsessive to make it work, but I Will Teach You to be Rich explains how to do it.

One final link, in honor of the holidays. We all know how family get-togethers tend to make us regress to our childhood selves, for better or worse (usually worse). Even if you’d prefer never to revisit those painfully awkward years, the site Before You Were Hot offers some solace. They remind us that most of the hot people you know were once also ugly ducklings. Phew–we’re not alone!

And with that, we bid you adieu. Have a lovely Thanksgiving, everyone!

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