Being charmed by Portland (and adding new properties!)

by Robin on April 7, 2011

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Well, our Pacific Northwest adventure (at least this part of it) is at an end. We spent a week wandering starry-eyed around Portland, eating food from carts and, well, way too many red velvet cupcakes. Seriously, it was a problem and we’re both on red velvet detox now (I’m not even going to mention the Voodoo Doughnuts Incident).

Portland is one of those cities everyone waxes rhapsodic about at every turn. And if you’re of a certain contrary bent, you might resist loving it simply because everyone else does (Rebecca was forced to listen to my meandering story of how I never wanted to see Dirty Dancing because everyone thought it was so great). But Portland (and Dirty Dancing — let’s be frank) is fantastic.

I’d be remiss in my blogging duties if I didn’t mention the food. Portland is the home to a crazy array of food carts. And while the phrase “food cart” may evoke images of fried dough and pale yellow cheese sauce, in Portland it translates to hand-rolled sushi and fresh pierogi.

We got to meet with Brent, CEO of fellow vacation rental whiz kids Second Porch, and get invaluable advice on how to grow, and how to enjoy the process along the way.

When we weren’t snapping photographs and eating cupcakes, we were making inroads for our expansion! That’s right, Inhabitants, we’re expanding to Portland! Savvy site sleuths might have already noticed that we have added two Portland properties to our family: the luxe Pearl condo owned by the über-fabulous Michelle, and a hip, comfortable condo nestled between the Pearl and Nob Hill. But we’re just getting started. We realized that if we love Portland that much, chances are our stylish readers will, too. So stay tuned as we head north and bring you even more awesome places to call home.

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Oh, and one more thing: are you checking out our Facebook page? If not, you should be, because all sorts of silliness, tons of pictures, and upcoming contests are in the works.

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  • Planetbarbados

    Cupcakes?? Sushi?? Food carts?? I love Portland, Oregon! It’s the perfect size and loaded with sophistication — and great food and fantastic coffee. Congrats on expanding to this fabulous area, Inhabit!